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One important factor that I haven’t mentioned yet is consistency. I missed last week’s blog post. Thursday was a busy day for me, but it turned out Friday was worse, so I put off the blog post until this week. Here are some factors when maintaining consistency with baby steps:

If the task only needs to take place once, consistency is not important.

For some goals, just get it done. This is for trivial goals, such as those that are intellectually and physically easy and that you can do in five minutes or less. It is rare that you can’t spare five minutes on something that is not taxing.

Reschedule your baby step if you have other events that are already scheduled. For example, if you know you will have a doctor’s appointment (or something else that is either stressful or takes up a lot of time), perform your baby step on a different day.

Pick a due date earlier in the week. If you want to perform your baby step on a weekly basis, pick a day earlier in the week. That way, in case of unforeseen circumstances, you can do it later in the week and still meet your weekly goal.

Batch items so that you are not in danger of missing a deadline. I haven’t done this yet with my blog, but many bloggers do this. You write a dozen or so articles within the space of a few days, and then you can release them one by one when scheduled. You can either release the blog posts manually or use software such as Buffer. Note: this works for some goals (blogging) but not others (exercising, for example).